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Spa Setting

At any age, it's important more than ever to take care of your skin. Along with your skin care routine, allow our licensed estheticians to help transform your skin. 

Each facial starts you off in a calm room to help you relax. All the facials include a cleansing, toning, extractions and a customized mask and facial massage. 

We use high quality facial products mainly from Dermalogica & Esthemax Jelly Masks.

Other brands we offer are: Diego Dalla Palma & Toscani


Classic Facial

Our classic facial is a great intro facial. Great for all ages and any skin type



Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 6.45.18 PM.png

Advanced Facial with Jelly Mask

A cleansing facial with the famous Jelly Masks from Esthemax to help with any skin trouble spots



Smiling Mature Woman with Gray Hair

Anti Aging Facial

Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This facial is perfect for mature skin.



Teen Facial

For the teens under 19 years old, this 45 minute facial helps for acne and those trouble spots. Also hydrates and moisturizes.



Mini Facial

This 30 minute facial gets you introduced to our products. This facial does not include a mask or massage.



Hydra Aqua Facial

Helps reduce the appearance of many different skin concerns. Comfortable extractions are done using an ultrasonic spatula. Water based serum and salicylic acid are deeply infused to the skin using a diamond tip nozzle.


24K Facial

This facial helps eliminate toxins from the skin, bringing significant reduction of fine lines & wrinkles. It helps by activating the process of skin renewal & rejunvenates the skin.


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