Booking Policies and Aftercare

By booking an appointment with us, this means that you agree by these policies and to abide by proper after care. We reserve the right to ask for a deposit of minimum of $25 for any appointments valued at over $100 or booked for over 2 hours.

The deposit will be applied as a credit for your services and is non refundable. 

Your Lash Appointment

x Please arrive wearing no make-up or mascara. If you have make-up on, arrive at least 10 mins prior to remove

x Must have at least 40% lashes to be considered as a refill. Less than that could result in charging a surplus or the price of a full set

x Cancellations or changing an appointment must be done at least 24 hrs before your appointment. Anytime after will be considered a missed appointment and will be subjected to a $25 fee on your next appointment​. We allow a one time no charge missed appointment courtesy.

x Clients who do not show for their appointments without notifying us via phone, text or email can only be booked again if they pay the no show fee before their next appointment. No show fee is 50% of the missed appointment

x Arrive at least 5 mins prior to your appointment time to ensure we give you best lashing time. If you arrive 5-15 mins after your appointment time, this  will result in less lashes and your set will not look as full. We have the right to refuse your service if you arrive more than 15 mins late and a missed appointment fee of $25 can be charged

x Please disclose if you have any allergies or eye conditions in your booking notes

x Refills from another salon can result in a $10-$20 surcharge depending on the condition of the extensions

x There are no refunds as this is a service. If you are unsatisfied with the lashes, you must advise your technician within 72 hours and a complimentary fix of 15-30 mins will be given. If this occurs on more than one occasion then the client and technician will mutually agree that the client will have to find a new technician

x If you have any allergies or are unsure whether you'd be a good candidate for eyelash extensions, you may book a free consultation / patch test of 15 mins. 5-10 short lashes will be added to your natural lashes and we can do a full set if no reaction occurs after 48 hours. Please note that no refunds are also given if a client has an allergic reaction or sensitivity

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare 

x Avoid hot water, steam & sweat for the first day of your lash application

x Use an oil free cleanser to remove make-up or to wash your face. We have lash safe cleansers available to purchase

x Stick with powders and non oil based make-up. Avoid using gel or kohl eyeliners as these are harder to remove from your lids 

x Do not curl or wear mascara on your extensions.We cannot guarantee the extensions if mascara is applied

x Sleep on your back or on your side to avoid "smooshing" or crushing them. Do not pull, rub or tug on your extensions

x Take caution when opening an oven, blow drying your hair or being close to a BBQ as the steam/hot air can melt the lashes

x Certain medications, face creams, tanning lotions or make-up can affect your retention, please speak with your technician to go over your products if you are having retention issues

x Book your refills every 2-3 weeks

x You can also use a lash serum such as Eyenvy to keep your lashes in good condition, they are also available for purchase